Dog-On Water Ramp:
The original, inflatable, portable, floating ramp for water dogs. The dog is guided to the deck between the flotation tubes and simply swims forward until feeling the gentle slope of the ramp underfoot.  Getting out of the water is as simple as walking up a bank at the waters edge.  Training is fun sport for your dog.




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Dog-On Water Ramp™ is a finely crafted product with a proven, Patented, design for helping dogs enjoy the fun sport of retrieving and “just plain ol' having a doggone good time”. If you love boating with your dog, Dog-On Water Ramp is made for you! Your best friend will be the absolute envy of every dog on the water whose owner hasn’t yet discovered or been considerate enough to get them their own “Dog-On Water Ramp™”.

Dog-On Water Ramp™ is the original, inflatable, independently floating, water ramp for dogs. Our versatile dog water ramp has many uses; as a dog ramp for boats, dog swimming pool ramp, anywhere dog safety and convenience around water is a concern. It's constructed of sturdy and long lasting materials that are gentle on dog’s paws, joints and muscles. The deck and ramp make it easy for dogs to intuitively launch and effortlessly climb back aboard. Dogs love their newly found independence and having a convenient place outside of the boat to shake off, sit and rest between retrieves.  You’ll appreciate how easy it is to set up and attach to all types of boats, docks, hunting blinds, property bulkheads, and other structures.  Perfect also as a pet safety/escape route from swimming pools.  It's inflatable and floats independently from whatever it's attached to. 

Our customers tell us, "Dog-On Water Ramp™, is the best floating water ramp for dogs".

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US PATENT NO. 6,722,307

Click  to view the video of Jake using his Dog-On Water Ramp


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