About Us

We’re Barry and Sewanna, founders of Dog-On Water Ramp.

Dog-On Water Ramp™ was created for our “Grand-dog” Jake. He wasn’t more than a big puppy when he first started visiting us on our house-boat on Lake Waco in Texas.  Jake was 14 years old when he passed away in 2010.  Besides playing with our grandchildren, one of his greatest loves was using his water ramp.  Being a Yellow Lab, he loved to jump into the water but we had a heck of a time getting him back aboard.  After several attempts and by trial and error… voila! …the concept for Dog-On Water Ramp™ was born and a working model was built. Jake loved the independence and deciding for himself when he wanted to go for a swim.

It became apparent there were many applications for an inflatable, portable, floating water ramp for dogs. Dog-On Water Ramp™ may be attached to a boat, pontoon boat, sailboat, dock, pool edge, hunting blind, tree (surrounded by water), bulkhead, and most anywhere the water depth allows for the unit to float. Since it’s deflatable, it’s also easy to store.  We knew we wanted to produce and market our invention and decided to have Dog-On Water Ramp™ patented (US Patent No. 6,722,307 B1).  For almost five years, the product was trademarked and registered with the USPTO and marketed under another name.  As the original inflatable, portable, floating dog ramp and in order to avoid confusion with any other company’s claims, we want folks to know that this is our Dog-On Water Ramp™”.

Mindful of the stress and pain that a dog may encounter if inhumanely hauled back into a boat, we were determined to incorporate comfort and safety into our product. We sought out quality-conscious manufacturers with the expertise, technology and materials to produce all the components needed to make Dog-On Water Ramp™ the best aid designed for getting a dog out of the water.