Customer Testimonials

 Works well for docks
Reviewer: Craig T. Kensey from Washington, NJ United States

I installed this to my dock a few weeks ago, I had to mount it on to my deck with quick release bolts for easy install and removal.  The dock works great although it has to be used during high tide, if not the angle to exit the water is too great for my boy.  The only negative that I can think of is that the plastic deck does not provide very good grip for when he needs to get out.  I think I can figure something to put over top of the plastic, perhaps a rubber floor mat that is perforated.  Shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, but all in all I like this step!

Reviewer: Mark

Now that the boating season is here, i have been looking all over for something that will allow my dogs to get up out of the water without my wife and i having to haul them over the side of the boat.  I ordered one of these in Feb. and we have been using it pretty solid for the last month or so.  It works GREAT!  The dogs took to it right away and are constantly jumping off of the boat

 I’m convinced
Reviewer: John from Youngstown, OH

I wasn’t convinced at first….but after doing some research and reading other reviews…..i am convinced and ready to order…

 Much needed product
Reviewer: Samantha and Don from Lake City, MN

I have a couple mix breed dogs who love the water and are always out on the boat with me.. If you have ever tried to pull a 90lb dog into a boat, you’ll know it can leave your arms shredded and freak the dog out.  This helps a LOT, it takes some getting used to for the dog, but it definitely makes life on the lakes and rivers easier.