Thank you for visiting us at Dog-on Water Ramp!

As thousands of satisfied customers and happy dogs are aware, originating in 2002 and patented in 2004, Dog-on Water Ramp™ is the original, inflatable, independently floating, water ramp for dogs.

Many of you that have seen our product in use, watched videos, or by word-of-mouth, know that this is the ramp for water dogs that genuinely works.  Our customers tell us the DOWR is the best water ramp for dogs on the market.

We have received hundreds of inquiries about purchasing our product in 2020.

This is where we are as of today:

The covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on manufacturing facilities ability to acquire materials and components from suppliers and even remain operating.  Consequently, it has been impossible to establish a timeline or date for confirming when new product will be available.

We are diligently developing an all new version of our successful ramp, using modern materials and construction features, that we know you will be extremely pleased with.

Thank you for your patience as we progress with our product development and testing of samples from our projected manufacturer.

If you would like to be placed on our contact list and receive confirmation when product is available, please send an email to info@dogonwaterramp.com.

You may also visit our website for updates as we advance with our product development and add pictures and specification for your review.

Thanks again!

Barry “Bear” & Sewanna Rogers

Bear Brained Ideas, Inc.