Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How large of a dog will the ramp hold?  Answer: The ramp has been tested for dogs up to 200 pounds.  But with dogs of this size it is important to secure the ramp to the boat with 4 lines to avoid the ramp moving while the dog climbs out.
  2. Can my small dog climb up the ramp?  Answer: Yes, our ramp section is 3 feet long and only has a 25 degree incline.  Combined with our Paw Gripz sewn every 9 inches up the ramp, dogs of all sizes can safely use Dog On Water Ramp to climb out of the water.
  3. Will the ramp work on all boats and pontoons?  Answer: Each boat is different as you know. We have not had a customer tell us that the ramp did not work for their boat.  For pontoons with high decks, please note that the ramp sits 6 inches off the water.  A dog can jump on a couch which is 20 inches off the floor.  So if your deck is 26 inches from the water then your dog should be able to jump on the deck from the ramp. 
  4. What if my dog does not like the ramp?   Answer:  We have not found a dog that does not like the ramp.  Some dogs require some help understanding how to use the ramp the first time, but after that it's natural for them.  Tip to train your dog.  Before putting ramp in the water, get a treat and guide your dog up the ramp and to the grip deck using a treat.  Do that several time.  Once the ramp is in the water use a treat or a toy to guide your dog up the ramp. 
  5. Is the ramp returnable if I don't like it?  Answer: We will accept an unused ramp return but you will be responsible for return shipping. Usually about $40 by UPS Ground.
  6. How long does it take to set up? Answer:  About 15 minutes.  Tubes insert 5 mins,  Inflation 5 mins, tying to boat or dock 5 mins.
  7. What if the ramp gets a puncture? Answer:  The ramp is very heavy duty, but if it does get punctured we include repair patches and you can request rubber cement from us or buy it at your local store to apply the patch.
  8. Can I tow the Dog On Water Ramp behind my boat?  Answer: We do not suggest you tow the ramp. The ramp weights only 10lbs and can be deflated in seconds for easy storage.
  9. How do I deflate and store my ramp? Answer:  Note: be sure the ramp is fully dry before storing. First, Open the valve and push it down and Twist, this will lock it into the open position. All the air will rush out. You can let it deflate on it's own or stand on it to push air out.  Next take the Legs/mesh of the ramp and fold it up onto the platform section.  Then fold both left and right sides inward and overlap them.  The plastic pipe in the end of the mesh can be bent to allow for folding. Use the strap that you took off when you set up the ramp to strap the ramp together.  Now put the ramp and all accessories into the storage bag.  To watch a video on deflating and storing ramp please go to Setup at top of the website menu and navigate to setup page.