Why buy a Dog On Water Ramp?

We have designed Dog On Water Ramp to be a safe and easy way for your pet to climb out of the water to your watercraft. The Dog On Water Ramp is inflatable for easy transport, it floats on the water so the ramp is submerged under the water for easy access for your pet, and it has a 25 degree ramp to allow all size dogs to safely climb out of water.  A steeper angle can cause damage to your dogs legs and prevent smaller dogs from being able to climb.  Our Paw Gripz give the dogs paws a soft, solid grip in slippery conditions. Once out of the water our Grip Pad gives your pet a secure final step up onto the boat. Or for some dogs a platform to sunbathe. One of our greatest features is our universal fit. Because we use the water to support the Dog On Water Ramp, you don't need to screw anything to your boat, or clamp anything to you ladder.  Simply tie the ramp securely to your boat, dock or pool using rope and the six  D-ring locations on the ramp. It's that simple, no bolt's, no clamps and no tools are needed. It set's up in just 15 minutes.  As the originator of the Dog On Water Ramp we believe it's the best dog boat ramp available.  

How does Dog On Water Ramp compare to other ramps? 

Key Feature comparisons.